The Nook of Uncommon Books: “Sing You Home” by Jodi Picoult

If you are a lover of unique love stories and music, please treat yourself to Jodi Picoult’s audiobook “Sing You Home”. Firstly to start off, in this small blogger’s humble opinion, Mrs. Picoult is a fabulous writer. I should also take the time to mention that I also love love love love music like it’s my own abstract form of a child. So you can probably tell that I was a little more than excited to pick up a Jodi novel called “Sing You Home” in audiobook form. A story of love, change, family and acceptance, I knew from the summary itself that I was going to appreciate the story right from the beginning. What I was not prepared for was the magic that occurred even before the start of the first chapter. You see, Mrs. Picoult has an written original song for each chapter of this book in tribute with the main character of the story, Zoe, who is a musical therapist as she goes through life’s trials and tributes. Between Zoe’s infertility with eventual sexual awakening and her ex-husband’s religious wakening from his alcoholic stupor, there is a fight for the rights to an unborn child. The story tests humanity to its brink before finally settling revealing the true power of love and knowing what is right. This story in itself is incredible, and the songs are above and beyond. Or at least I think so because writing songs is not easy and I can relate to that very clearly from failed memory suppression attempts of my middle school days when I tried to form an all girl combination rock/country/rap band. (Sidenote: We were all in the concert band together and needless today nothing moved forward because 1) we didn’t actually put in the effort and 2) None of us actually played the necessary instruments…because we met in concert band). From what I have been told, the lyrics are written out in the physical book, however! In the audiobook, Jodi collaborated with her friend Ellen Wilber and brought these songs into reality. And, at least in my personal opinion, they are actually amazing songs. As in, if this was an album, I would buy the CD. The combination musician/bookworm inside appreciated the connection Picoult makes between the songs are the storyline. It’s a beautiful transition. It’s a beautiful book in general. I implore any and all to check it out.

Sometimes 1+1=3,



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