The Nook of Uncommon Books: “Going Bovine” by Libba Bray

I have already talked about my favorite book of all time in a previous post about the books that have changed my life, but my appreciated of the existence of this book is too much that I felt it deserved in own post. Going Bovine by Libba Bray is everything I want in a book. A dark comedy filled with adventure and wonder about learning the true value of life, friendship and acceptance. When Cameron Smith starts to experience strange occurrences all around him, she just assumes he got some bad pot. It’s not until he is diagnosed with Mad Cow disease that he realizes he is in much bigger trouble. Thank goodness there is a guardian punk angel named Dulcie to tell him that despite everything the doctor’s said about him being untreatable, there is a Doctor X out there in the world that will cure Cameron once and for all. With his forced upon sidekick Gonzo, the hypochondriac dwarf obsessed with video games, Cameron goes on the most insane, incredible and story worthy adventure that most people never gets to experience and this is where he truly learns the value of life and the difference between just living and actually living.

This is probably where I should also mention that Libba Bray is my favorite of all time. Her writing flows as smoothly and silky as soft tofu and her story telling skill will easily rival those of  Aesop, the Grimm Brother and Lin-Manuel Miranda. In this modern book world, where it is easy to fall into the world of “trendy” books, Bray stand out of the crowd, proudly wearing a neon colored fedora and a glittery boa. Her books are in there own genre and I am officially addicted to the point that if there was a support group of people who are addicted to books and reading to the point of not functioning, I would need to commit myself. (Oh wait! Those do exist! We just call them book clubs). I cannot talk about this book enough, ask my parents who are so sick of hear about this book that they actually will leave a room if they hear the words “Bovine”, “Mad-Cow”, “Punk Angel” or “Star Fighter” come out of my mouth. There are only a few books in my life that have been able to join the “Was Read in One Sitting” club and Going Bovine is not just a member, it is the freaking president. This is the book that changed me and in many way, it also saved me. The person that I am now, actually has been greatly influenced by what I took from Going Bovine and in many ways, it rescued me from myself. To me, it’s actually perfect (cue “Love Actually” music), and I will forever and ever recommend it.

To anyone who has already has the pleasure of reading Cameron’s story, it is the Wizard of Reckoning’s question of “Did you live?” that gets me every time. On the days where I feel down, or on the days that are just too much for me, I tell myself “You can free the snow globes, You can save the universe.” And those words have given me the incredible strength and willpower to keep going in ways I would have never thought a book could. Because here’s the thing, even in his own mind, as Cameron was essentially making all of his travels up, this imagined escapade was still full of mistakes and problems along the way. Because life isn’t perfect, and it’s all of these imperfections that is what makes this life worth living. Take in all the moments, making all the simple things that much sweet. It’s my favorite part, and I hope you can see why.

Enjoy the Ride,



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