Reevaluation of Priorities: Books

My emotional connection to books has reached an all time high which has caused an all time low to my standards of living. These are three things that have happen in the past 2 weeks alone to prove this:

1. I have spent over $150 on books or book related events/merchandise and yet, I do not own a single pair of socks that does not have at least 1 fairly large hole between them and refuse to get more socks…because I spent all my money on books.

2. I will travel 1 and a half hours, round trip, with combination of driving and metros to meet an author for an event that last less than an hour and yet, I will continue to put off driving less than 5 minute down the street to get more milk and just eat cereal dry with my bare hands.

3. I have decided that instead of prioritizing my time between work, school and basic adult things so that I can read all the books I actually want to, I am just going to sleep less. My coffee intake (which is already pretty high) has almost doubled so far and I’ve averaging about 4 hours a night. And yet, I have no regrets.

For the love of books and all things book related forever and ever and ever,



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