10 Things I have done as a grown up that show just how irresponsible I am/ how I am not ready for the real world

1) Left my keys in the door and gone about my day in the house without realizing until one of my roommates come home

2) Ran out of clean underwear, and instead of doing laundry just bought new underwear.

3) Tried to dye my hair by myself and ended up staining the bathroom wall

4) Left the house with my straighter still on

5) Left the house with the stove on

6) Left the house with a candle still burning (see a theme here)

7) Dropped the F bomb in front of a group of very small children

8) Ran out of Pita Chips to eat my hummus with so I used Croutons

9) Jammed out so hard in the car to my favorite song on the radio that I hit my head on the window

10) Made plans to visit friend who was 2 and a half hours away and then at the same time make plans to get lunch with different friend in that same area. First friend cancelled. Didn’t get up the nerve to tell second friend. Ended up driving 5 hours total in one day to eat a 45 min lunch.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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