My dreams bring me back to reality: a ramble

My dreams do this funnily ironic thing… where they never end they way that I expect them to. In most people’s dreams, they can fly if they want to. They can imagine plates of their favorite food appear in piles at their feet. They can be successful millionaires married to their favorite celebrities. However in my dreams, I always get so close to the goal but never reach it. Before I got my first dog, I used to dream about getting a dog all of the time. But I never got the dog, I would ALWAYS wake up before the dog actually showed up.

Or, (and I have had this dream so frequently) I’ll be going to vacation and I’ll spend the entire dream packing but wake up before I even get there. I cannot once recall a dream where I get any actual closure. What does that even mean? I honestly feel sometimes that it’s my subconscious keeping me in track with reality. It’s like my theoretical third, strict, disciple-parent that I never got along with. It lets me play around with the idea of having fun but the moment I get too far if grabs me by the shoulder and goes “Oh no no no. This is as far as you get.” I have also thought it could be my pessimistic side coming out. I like to think of myself as a relatively optimistic person but I definitely do still have a pessimist inside of me. So when me and my optimism goes to sleep, Mr. Pessimist comes out and likes to remind me over and over again that none of my dreams are coming true. That’s pretty harsh. (That why he lives in the dungeon of my mind palace. ) Either way, I am confused. Why does it happen so consistently? What does it say about me as a person? Am I one of those people who will never accomplice my wildest dreams? Cause that really puts a dent in my plans.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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