The Ref is Out of Line

I am not a sports person. I tried to be. I have an older brother who entire life is sports. He has gone over rules, stats, players, even team mascots but I am utterly useless. No matter what I tried, I could not retain any of it. Probably because I am unfortunately one of those terrible people… who just doesn’t like sports. I did have a thing for hockey for a very short time in my life after I watched the Mighty Ducks movie. But that ended quickly after the third movie ruin the franchise. In short, I never got into sports and thus didn’t know any of the rule for anything ever. Which is what make the story of the brief time in my life when I got a part time job as a intramural sports referee all the more interesting. I have mentioned before that I had almost every typical job that every person had while they were at college. One of those jobs came from an ad in the school paper looking for student referees. The orientation made it all look so easy. We had a choice between softball and flag football. Remember how I said that I know nothing about sports? I ended up picking flag football because I thought that would be easier (seriously, I DO NOT get sports). Ignorance is not always bliss. One that first day, they gave us all a rundown of the rules and to this day, I still do not fully understand them.  So on the one and only day I was a referee, I mixed up the two teams, made two really wrong calls, got yelled at repeatedly by both side and then by the end, I’m pretty sure I was just making stuff up (“You strike out!” stuff like that). It got so bad, they ended up switching me over to the ultimate Frisbee side, a spot usually reserved for the older kids who have earned an easy night. You see, while the whole flag football thing was happening, on the other side of the field, there was a series of ultimate Frisbee games going on and only one ref was needed to monitor them because it was “super easy”. This is how it was explained to me: whoever got the Frisbee to the other side gets the point. Simple enough. But the person who explained this to me forgot to mention that the teams switch sides after every play (or was it every quarter… seriously, I don’t know anything). In her defense, every college student really should know the rules to ultimate Frisbee. It’s basically mandatory and will eventually be part of the SATs. But in my defense, I just got taken off refereeing flag football because I tried to tell a person not to block the goalie. And it wasn’t like anyone was wearing uniforms, so I didn’t know who was on whose team. At least the Frisbee guys were nicer. There was more “Excuse me Miss Ref. I think you gave the other team our point” instead of “What the Hell Ref?! Are you blind?!” that I got from the flag footballer (I almost responded “Yes, I am actually partially blind” just to get them off my back but I knew karma would really get be for that one). So at the end of the day I wasn’t just done, I was finished. Completely wiped out physically and mentally. I left that job the next day (probably to cheers from my co-workers) and never looked back, decided that something just weren’t worth the money. But I do wish sometimes I would have stuck by it. Then I could actually know things. It’s not too late for me though, I can still learn. Just this time… I’ll learn from off of the field.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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