Cringe: A Poem

Nails on a chalkboard, when your boss needs to “talk”,

and the feeling of stepping in a puddle while wearing clean socks


An ant struggling in your soup, when knees crinkle and crack,

Mama Frogs who give birth to babies straight out of their backs


A finger nail that was split, unknown gunk smeared on your blazer,

Find a hair that isn’t yours stuck right in your razor


Spit in your eye and someone else chewing on YOUR pen,

People who throw up in their mouths, and then swallow it again


Biting hard on your tongue and when someone you hate starts to giggle,

Hoop Earrings that are pulled and ripped straight down the middle.


Skidding knees on sidewalks and the smell of fresh chum,

Eating some crackers while you are still chewing gum


Sand stuck up your butt, biting the inside of your cheek,

Finding a wriggling half worm in your apple or peach


Stepping on a Lego, seeing your neighbors trying to creep

and bad rhyming poetry that puts you straight to sleep


I’m super sorry about that,




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