10 Relatively “Common” Things I Will Never Do

1) Jump out of an airplane. No matter how many Youtube Videos I watch of famous people doing it, I will never voluntarily hurl myself out of a flying object just so I can plummet to the earth for an adrenaline rush.

2) Own a Cat. Cats hate me. It’s a well known fact. If I got a cat, I know that it would be the reason for my early death. Because it killed me. So it could feast on my flesh.

3) Go an any roller coaster where people have reported to have “blacked out” on it. Why? Just why? I mean don’t get me wrong, I love roller coasters. But why???

4) Drink any mixed drink that is made inside of a huge trash can. This one is a little bit of a cheat (this one is actually more “things I will never do….again”). One, it’s out a trash can. Who knows if that’s the host’s actual trash can. Who knows what’s been in it or whose potentially thrown up in it, or if it still has remnants of a different mixed trash can drink. It’s just a mistake.

5) Slap the Bag. Please Reference 4 for main points.

6) Ride a Tandem Bike. I am clumsy and fall down a lot in most activities I do. This is just a way for me to take someone down with me when I crash and burn.

7) Go see a horror movie in theatres. I actually really like horror movies… as long as the screen is small, all of the lights are on in my house, it’s broad day light and I can pause it when things get too intense. And since I’m pretty sure at my age it’s unacceptable to pee your pants in public, I will not be going to see a scary film in a crowded movie theater ever.

8) Use a chain saw. I don’t see myself ever really needing to do this at any point in my life… and I hope I never do. I really hurt myself once trying to paper clip something. I would be the accidental cause of the next chain saw massacre.

9) Have a Twitter. I’m not judging anyone by any means. I think Twitter is a really neat form of social media. But if I had one, I would be super annoying. I just know myself. People would greatly dislike me. I would greatly dislike me.

10) Voluntarily poop in a public restroom while someone else is in there. I am one of those people who hates saying the word poop and am honestly really uncomfortable that I just wrote it down twice. I say voluntarily because what can you do when you are in the middle of your business and someone walks in? Do you freak out, come out of the stall, washing your hand slowly and wait for them to leave before you go back in to finish? I have only done that about 70% of the time. Sometime growing up means you have to grit and bear it (or should I say bear down?).

Putting the Fuse in Confused,




I have not been able to get over the sudden death of the Actor Anton Yelchin and it took me a while to realize why. This has been a very bad year for loosing beloved celebrities, some of my favorites too. I liked Instagram pictures of people who showed homage, I had plenty to say when talking around the water cooler at work and I watch award shows segments on YouTube when a singer performed some form of tribute. I felt sad. I thought about their friends and family and how hard it must be to have their recently deceased loved ones in the spotlight. But I never really got why I saw people actually sobbing on the streets over someone who they didn’t actually know. I outwardly sympathized but on the inside I was lowkey thinking that that they were being overly dramatic. But when Yelchin passed, I finally got it. No, I did not start crying, but my sympathy to those who did became empathy. Celebrities get a lot of crap now-a-days. They are seen as talentless snobs who are all about the money. I am definitely not famous in anyway and I do not known anyone who is famous so I feel that I cannot make a comment on this. However, when I listen to music that moves me, or watch a movie that physically make my body react, I feel a strange connection to the people on stage or on screen. I am able to loose myself to my emotions, crying from both laugher and sadness. It makes me feel real. It reminds me to be myself. Yelchin was one of the few actors that was able to do that for me. No, he wasn’t a big actor and he wasn’t as famous as some of these other stars in the news but when I watched him on the screen, I felt his honesty and pure passion. I admired him and sought to watch any movie of his I could get my hands on. So while I did not know him personally, I feel like I did know him. And I cannot believe I won’t ever see him in another movie again. That I won’t feel that connection again. And that somehow broke my heart when I finally contemplated the news of his passing. So much so that I had to write this all out. I had to get it out of my system. Thank you A.Y. I will miss you.

Take Me Back

Take me back to childhood

To carefree days of snuggles and warmth

To conversations that were solely giggle and smiles

To hurts where open arms and kisses were enough


Take me back to simpler times

Where Spring was bright and Autumn was gold

Where sunsets meant the days were over

where there was always someone’s hand to hold


Take me back to Sunday Afternoons

Where it didn’t matter if it snowed or rained

where our house would smell like cookies and clean laundry

when taking a nap need not be explained


Take me back to my memories

Because I feel so much has changed

Because I know I must move on, but…

because true happiness and perfection have already been obtained