Take Note

To C,

If the yogurt says that it is a few weeks expired, don’t just shrug your shoulders and eat it anyway.

Do not follow the expired yogurt with a really big spoonful of frosting right afterwards. I know you still have 1/4 of a can from the cupcakes you made for your friend’s birthday  and it’s really tempting but just leave it in the fridge.

When you start to feel sick, do not just tell your self you are just tired and then go to Starbucks to chug a latte.

When you start to feel sicker, please please please!….don’t eat more, because you think it’s just because you are hungry.

When you are at the library trying to write your paper and you get that massive headache and your stomach is even more upset, just go outside or better yet just leave because people will notice your attempts to suppress your burps.

And finally: DO NOT drink that digestion tea from the back of your cupboard. It will NOT help you.


Your conscious who makes much better life decisions than you but you choose to keep ignoring.


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