Guitar Hack

Note to self:

When you play guitar, please remember to take off your VivoFit. After a mere half hour of strumming, you will have gained your necessary 10,000 steps from the rapid, nonstop up and down motion of your hand. So it may look like you were really active when in reality all you have done today is sit in front of your computer, eat and then play guitar for a little bit. You probably didn’t even walk 1,000 steps in the 8 hours that you have been awake (which is it’s own sad little problem we will evaluate later). But your VivoFit thinks you were super active today. And for some reason, you feel strangely guilty. Like you are lying. To a machine. And we all know the machines are going to rise up against us one day. So you need to stay on their good side. (But be sure remember this trick for when you need to impress your half marathon running brother that you are seeing next week.)

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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