What I Did on St. Patrick’s Day this Year

  • Planned a Happy Hour
  • Canceled a Happy Hour
  • Met a Friend of a Friend
  • Ended up driving to a bar 45 minutes away
  • Met Friends of the cousin of the Friend of a Friend 
  • New friends included people from Barcelona, Germany and Norway
  • Ate French Fries
  • Found out friends at table did not actually order any French Fries
  • Got judged by the waitress
  • Continued to eat French fries regardless
  • Asked for Green Beer but was denied
  • But then got free Champagne from the bartender
  • Exchanged Instagrams
  • Drove for an addition 10 minutes to German guy’s friend’s apartment
  • Compared male and female anatomy in the car
  • Was promised a roof-top hang out
  • Did not actually get to go the roof top but got a cider so was okay with it
  • Met up again with friends from Barcelona and Norway
  • Was given a slice of pizza that Barcelona kids bought on the way over
  • Talked Philosophy and Indian weddings simultaneously
  • Compared school systems in different countries
  • Did a round of tequila shots while saying “Cheers!” in three different languages
  • Realized the time a little too late
  • Took the metro in the wrong direction for 3 stops
  • Felt terrible
  • Went in the right direction the second time around
  • Finally go home after midnight
  • Had a dream about going out on St. Patrick’s Day
Overall, not a shabby way to spend a Thursday night.

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