Things That Make Me Happy

When I am feeling sad, I will often pick up a pen and write down a list of things that make me happy. And then believe it or not, I feel a lot better after a while. This is my current list of happy, maybe they will make whoever is reading this happy too.

  • Chocolate Frosting And Sour Gummy Worms
  • Picture collages that take up entire walls
  • Books that can make you cry one moment and laugh out loud the next
  • Self-heating blankets
  • Those Goldfish with the huge Googly Eyes
  • When a baby falls asleep in your arms
  • Ukulele covers of pop songs
  • Adult underwear with cartoon characters on them
  • Getting a hug for no reason
  • Milkshakes with more than one flavor of ice cream
  • Videos of Puppies learning to walk down stairs

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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