Don’t Be the Best

My most valuable piece of advice: don’t be the ‘best’ in any situation. This may seem like rude advice at first but it’s actually not as degrading at it seems at first. This phrase isn’t exactly saying don’t be the ‘best’ at anything, it’s more so saying don’t be the ‘most’ at anything. They seem similar but there is a very important difference and the best way that I can explain it through examples.

I was an pretty annoying kid growing up. Not as in “no one liked me” annoying, but more I was “too awkward to function” so no one really knew how to deal with me. Looking back, I wish I could have just been more normal but what can you do. I always reflect on my earlier self and end up thinking to myself “How did I actually have friends? Hahaha! But no, seriously.”After much deliberation, I have narrowed down this one simple fact: there was another kid who was much more annoying that I was. This kid, in fact, was the MOST annoying person in the classroom. This kid was constantly interrupting you or bragging about himself or wanting to talk about the things only he was interested in or saying rude things that he did think were rude and I could go on but basically, this kid was obnoxious. You see, I thought I was also quite obnoxious when I wanted to be but nowhere near as obnoxious as he was. This kid was the MOST obnoxious person in the vicinity to the extreme. So you see in comparison, I was not that bad and thus had a pretty normal social life (well, as normal as I could have been considering). This little tidbit also applied as I got older.

When I worked my first restaurant job as a cashier in the ToGo section, I was a little bit of an idiot. I just had trouble working the register system and once in a while people would change their mind about the bills they gave me after I rang them up and I, as a high school senior, couldn’t do the simple math for giving them back their new change without counting on my fingers. So you see, I was kind of a hot mess but no one really noticed me. How is this possible, you ask? Because one my co-worker was a much bigger hot mess than I was. Besides having a much harder time working the register than I did, this kid couldn’t comprehend replacing the napkins on tables when they ran out or why we need to correctly assign the right sides on each plate before we sent them out (“couldn’t we just change them when we get out there?”) and also forgot which of the sauces was spicy and which wasn’t when customers asked (just FYI, they were really clearly marked on our end). So I was a bit incompetent but this kid was the MOST incompetent. So I got to clock in clock out without too much worry that someone was going to sit me down and talk about my performance since I may have accidently given someone a dime instead of a nickel but he would accidently give someone an entire extra entree without charging them. In comparison, I was golden.

This has surprisingly helped with everything. You see, I was never the MOST likely to get drunk and cause a scene at a holiday party or the MOST likely to accidently curse in front of a child or the MOST likely to lose my car keys before an important appointment. Have I done all of these things at one point? Maybe. You see as evident from this blog, I have plenty of quirks and strange habits and weird things tend to happen to me but in the end, I won’t end up being THAT person. You all know who I’m talking about.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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