One Day, This Will Make a Great Story

If you ever go through something horribly embarrassing and cringe worthy something that I like to tell myself is that one day, it will make a great story. Now I’m not saying that I never cringe at things I did when I was younger. On the contrary, I find myself cringing at least once a day at an old forgotten memory that suddenly decided to pop back into my head. (I mean, don’t we all??) But instead of sitting there, wallowing in self pity over something that just happened, I like to tell myself: you know, one day this is going to make a great story. I remember when I was little and I would pee my pants all the time at kindergarten because I was actually too shy to tell the teacher I had to go. Was it horrible at the time? Of course. Is it kind of funny now? Definitely. A more recent example in my life, I remember one incident where I jokingly trashed who I thought was a relatively hated political figure to a few close peers at work hoping for laughs. Instead, I got nervous laughter and an “Oh, my mom loves him.” from one of them. Whoops. It was terribly awkward at the time? More that you can imagine. But can laugh about it now? Yeah, and only with a few tears of embarrassment.

So moral of the story, kids? If you do something terribly embarrassing and you feel really down in the dumps, all you need to do is tell yourself to pull yourself back up and make yourself feel better is say to yourself “one day, this will make a great story” or at least in my case “one day this will make a funny blog post”.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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  1. Moose and Michelle
    Jan 20, 2016 @ 03:10:42

    Yes! All embarrassing moments make great stories, especially the drunken ones. Yep, those are future nuggets of story gold.

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