Karma takes its form in Traffic Jams

I am a true believer of karma. Not for any real religious reason but more so for myself. I just need to believe that good things happen to good people and that bad things happen to bad people (eventually), you know for my sanity’s sake. I know that in many ways, this world is pretty messed up, that it doesn’t always make sense and that once in a while I wish I could just give up on everything and just leave via drifting off into space. So this concept of karma really helps me. I need to think to myself that maybe one day that guy that just almost hit my car by cutting me off and then flicked me off and yelled something rude out of his window might pop a tire while it’s pouring down rain one day. And this isn’t exclusively for other people, this applies to me too. I try my best to be a good person but once in a while the human side of me slips up and I do something not so nice. I always think to myself, I’m going to get it for this.

As with all things, I am not 100% positive this is real. Karma is this abstract concept that I use in my everyday life to get me through the day keep me thinking but I have no physical proof that it’s real. Until this week when I got some pretty convincing confirmation that karma does exist and it has a close eye on all of us.

So I commute pretty far for work, approximately an hour in the morning and hour and a half in the afternoon. I know, I know I need to move eventually but all things considering it’s actually not that bad. I do get to carpool with my brother so it’s actually not as horrible as it seems since we basically get to split everything from driving to gas and once in a while, mid afternoon snacks. The only time it’s terrible is when there is a traffic jam caused via unnatural events. I know that cars and roads in general aren’t natural but I’m talking about road work construction or accidents that make the highway into a parking lot. The kind of traffic where it’s actually better to put your car into park. These don’t happen all too often until this past week when I was greatly delayed on my way home not once, not twice but thrice. Yes. Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday between 30 min and hour were added to my commute due to accidents. Now what did I do that I deserved this?? Nothing yet. But let me explain.

With the winter season in full bloom I decided to treat myself to a new winter coat, seeing my old one is more than 10 years old and looks like something a middle schooler would wear (as I was in middle school when I got it). So I went online shopping searching for a coat that was warm, stylish, and reasonable priced, and as you can imagine it took a while but I eventually found it. It was long, it was white, the inside was fleece lined and it was on super sale. The store I got it from only had a few left in stock so I measure myself with a tape measure (yes, I am one of those weirdos that actually do that) picked my size and ordered. Seeing as I ordered around Christmas time, it didn’t come until after New Years but I didn’t mind. I was constantly checking my bank statement to see when it would switch from temporary authorization to being charged just in case I forgot to pay it off and then they took it away from me (because that makes complete sense, doesn’t it). And then it finally came, and it was perfect. After modeling it for far longer than necessary, I went to go pay off my credit card. But the charge. It had disappeared. As in it was gone as if I had not even bought a jacket. So I waited a few day, maybe it was in processing. But nothing. Waited again. Nothing. I finally turned to friends and family for advice. The general consensus was that I should wait a bit longer before contacting them so didn’t get double charged. I decided that if I was supposed to contact them, I would get some sort of sign.

I have a feeling that the sign was that I got stuck in super bad traffic for 3 days in a row. All three days, I was wearing the coat. My brother insists that it was just a combination of bad luck and bad weather but karma is telling me something different. A friend warned me heavily that this happened to her boyfriend once and after he contacted the company he got charged twice and it took almost a month to get it sorted so I should just wait it out. I told her my karma theory and that just lead to her conclusion that if it was the karma, then I should have at least paid that off already. So here we are today and now I am officially stuck, conflicted and of course, confused. And thus at a loss of what to do, I did what I always do when I am this puzzled: I write. Sometimes in the writing process, as I map out everything that has happen I will come up with a solution. My current one is to sit in the corner, close my eyes really tight and hope everything fixes itself. Sounds like a plan, right?

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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