My Battle Against the Mice Part I

Who hasn’t faced a mouse at one point in their life. It happens quicker than you thought it would. The squeak, the scurrying, the little dark blur that rushes past you and then the chill that shoots straight into your bones. And I know the feeling quite well because I have had not one close encounter mouse incident, but two.

The first one was a few years ago. My parents run a small flower business together so I spent about 50% of my life in that little shop on the strip mall. There was a little bathroom in the back that was only called a bathroom because that’s where to toilet was. It definitely wasn’t the prettiest, and also had all of our cleaning supplies and was basically just a hole in the wall connected to the rest of the strip. But it was functional and for our purposes, that’s all that mattered. My opinion has changed very much since then. It’s one of those unsettling facts about me that I can actually answer “yes” to the question “Have you ever found a mouse in your toilet?” I was just trying to use the restroom, one normal day when I noticed something brown kind of floating in the water. At first I was frustrated when I thought that someone just forgot to flush after using the toilet but then I realized that the little brown thing… was making bubbles. I peered in a little bit closer and saw that tail and whiskers and then the beady little eyes staring straight into mine.

So in retrospect…. I probably should have pulled my pants back up before I ran out of the restroom screaming. And of course there was a customer waiting outside and of course my exact screams were “There’s a mouse in the toilet! There’s a MOUSE in the TOILET!” That was definitely one customer that we never saw again but my mother and I were facing a much more dramatic dilemma. What were we supposed to do with it fuzzy little creature sitting in the water? WE didn’t want to kill it but we didn’t want to fish it out either. Not going to lie, we toyed around with the idea of just flushing and seeing what would happen but of course our humanity gene kicked in immediately and we didn’t do that either. In the end it died and the man next door help get it out but not before it left chilling images in my head that still haunt me to this day. My mother tried to calm me down (when really she should have been grumbling at me for making a such fool of myself in public) by saying how mice will almost never enter my life. This was a freak incident that would probably never happen again. Oh how I wished she was right. Not that I ever found a mouse in another toilet, but it was only a few years later that me and the little critter would meet again.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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