Things I’m Confused About II: Goldfish

When I was younger, I had a goldfish that ran away. No, you did not miss read that sentence, my goldfish ran away. I went to bed and the fish was in its tank and the I woke up and it was gone. The only reason I knew it wasn’t my parents due to the fact my mom freaked out more than I did. She thought that I had found it dead and then hid it in my room somewhere so I wouldn’t get in trouble. In many ways she was more determined to find this little fish than I was. We looked everywhere for it but still, never found it’s remains. A year later we switched from carpet to hardwood floors and still, there was no trace of a little fish skeleton anywhere in our house and we literally had ripped up the floor boards. My family made fun of me for a while, saying silly little things like how my fish had run away and such but as a kid, it was me feel really crappy. But as I got older, I didn’t think too much about it. Maybe my dog at it or something, maybe my mom and dad really did flush it but wanted to teach me a responsibility lesson. Either way I am now an adult and my fish loosing days are in the past. Or so I thought. Until IT HAPPENED AGAIN.

You see, a while ago I had gotten some goldfish. Or, I should specify that I gotten some feeder fish, you know the ones that are 15 cents and are meant to feed other pets. I already have a betta fish and while I was at the pet store getting more food and filters, when I saw the huge tank of them swimming around not knowing that there main purpose in this store was to become food for other pets. Out of nowhere my heart went out to them and remembering my spare fish bowl in the back of the closet I asked the store employee to bag up three of them for me. Literally, there was no reason for me to get more fish excpet for in that moment I decided that I wanted to “save” some of them. So I got home, set up the little tank and watched my three little goldfish swim around confused. There was 1 actual orange one and 2 small grayish ones. The orange one I named “Bubbles 2” (there was an original Bubbles but that is a story for another time). The bigger gray one I names “SharkBait” (I had been watching a lot of Pixar lately) and then the smaller gray one I called “Twitchy”. (To make sense of why I called him that I will now let you know that he was the first one to die from what I can only assume was multiple little fish heartattacks. But I digress.)

So I gave them some food, watched them for a little bit longer and then I went about my day. The next morning I went to go check in on them and right away something looked funny. SharkBait was swimming in huge circles around the bowl marking his territory while Twitchy was having, what looked like a tiny seizure but he was still swimming around in much smaller circles. But there was no little tiny orange fish anywhere to be seen. I found myself staring at the bowl for a little while. I mean, I was a good sized bowl that was big enough for all three to have plenty of space to swim around but still small enough that I should be able to see all three of them at one time. I looked in every crack and crevasse, checking out all possible places for Bubbles 2 to be hiding but there was no little orange fish to be seen. I searched for a good half hour looking over everything twice but, still no little orange fish.

How could this be happening again?! No one should ever be able to say that they had 2 fish that ran away from them. I spent the rest of the day sulking, occasionally looking over the bowl again and then eventually deciding that goldfish and me do not mix at all. Maybe I should just cut my losses and set the other ones free before they could run away too. However, the next morning I get up, crawl myself over to the fish bowl and start to feed the two remaining goldfish when something bright catches my eye. It’s Bubbles 2, swimming in circles around the little fake plastic plant I put in for them. I could not believe it. I felt like a worried parent. “Where were you?!?!” I yelled into the tank to which Bubbles 2 just looked up at me and I swear she gave my the tiniest shrug before swimming away. I grabbed my head in frustration. I was positive that Bubble 2 was gone from my life for good but there she was like nothing had happened.

Now I actually have no idea what could have happened. She could just be a really good hider. Someone I live with could have been messing with me (except none of them knew I had any fish until a little while ago so that is a bit more unlikely). She could have been there the entire time and I just was looking but not seeing. OR she ran away from home, saw how hard it is to be by yourself for the first time, got scared and decided to come back. I don’t know about you, but my money is on the last one.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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