Wicked Fun

I recently experienced a rather embarrassing moment at work a few days ago. I was assigned a new task at my job where my superior was nice enough to take some time out of her busy day to help me out by giving me step by step instructions. So, I don’t know it I just wasn’t paying close enough attention or if maybe there was some missed communication somewhere in the middle of our conversation but either way, she had finished giving me instructions at one point and sent me on my way to finish up the job. a command which I seemed to have completely miss. This resulted in me following her around for a good 5 minutes just watching her do some other tasks that were not related to the job she had assigned to me. After a while she noticed that I was following her and she turned to me abruptly where we stared at each other for a good 30 seconds in silence. I finally broke the tension by saying “Oh…. was that all.” To which she responds, “Um, yeah.” And then she stare for a little bit longer before I finally made the executive decision to side step away. As I walked back to my work station turning redder by the second, I started to reflect on more awkward thing I have done in my life to make myself feel better at that very moment. And then from the depths of my subconscious, a horrible suppressed memory resurged to the front of my cortex. But now that I find this story funny, I shall share it with all of you.

To preface this story I need to give you some background information. At my university, there were three main types of libraries. The first kind were the ones were people mostly met up for group projects or study groups where people talked loudly  and there was at least one small coffee shop built at the entrance so noise was perfectly acceptable, The second kind were the ones where it was mostly quiet but you would get away with shouting whispers once and a while and it didn’t bother too many people if someone’s headphones were just a bit too loud. Then there was the third kind or, the silent libraries. This was for the hardcore studiers and the place where I once got death glares from 5 people at once when I accidently dropped my pencil on the carpet. It was scary, but it was also where I was the most productive (of course) so I tried to go to these libraries as often as I could.

So, you all already know that I’m awkward and quirky so I’ll just lay down another fun fact on everyone. I listen to musicals when I study. Something about the story telling to song make me energetic and focused. I have written 20 and 30 page papers while listening to “La Vie Boehme” from Rent on repeat (including the reprise or course), memorized half of the periodic table of elements while humming along with Vel McKelly in Chicago, and pulled many all nighters listening to the entire soundtrack of Les Mis from beginning to end. It just how I roll. This one particular day, I was enjoying the high notes of power and courage of Idina Mendel belting out the final notes of Defying Gravity from Wicked as I wrapped up an assignment and saw that I had a class starting soon. I carefully took off my headphones (so not to disturb anyone), graciously closed my laptop and start to put it back in my backpack. And this is when the greater forces of the world decided to pull a practical joke on me. As soon as I put my laptop in I hear the high pitch voice of Kristen Chenoweth sing out “Elphie, now that we are friends, I have decided to make you my new project.” I could feel all of the blood leave my face and I actually thought for a second that I was going to pass out. All heads turned to me and “Popular” rang out across the silent library. I jammed my headphones back into my computer and ran out of there as fast as I could before someone decided to kill me right then and there. Apparently, when I close my laptop, I didn’t complete log off of my iTunes which still going strong, playing the next song on shuffle. I didn’t even know that my laptop could still play music with the top closed (a cool feature that I do utilize now at least). I was mortified. Out of all libraries, out of all songs,. Why couldn’t it at least have been a hip, current pop song?  I thought this was actually the most uncool thing that could have happened to me. Looking back at it now, more than a year later I can laugh and roll my eyes at my past self but I will say, that ever since that faithful day I have listened to nothing but gangster rap music when I study just in case but, Lil Wanye will never make me focus as much as Julie Andrews did but I will just have to live with that I guess.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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