The Luck of the Unlucky

A little while ago now, I was coming home from a long day of work when I noticed something on the ground. Something that I really shouldn’t have noticed since its so small but it still managed to popped out at me. A four leaf clover, the most prominent and worldwide symbol of luck. It was nestled in a green bed of about a hundred other normal three leaf clovers but had grown to be just a little bit taller than all of the others. As if it wanted to be noticed, like it was meant to be picked up by some random passer. A little part of my heart jumps up as I reach down to grab it. Literally a microsecond after as I pluck it though, I feel a warm sensation run down my chest and arm. Was I just that excited? Nope. My coffee had spilled out of my backpack and poured out all over my jacket. The irony is almost too much for me. It seems that I have found the only unlucky four leaf clover. So I do the most logical thing with it. I give it to my brother, hopefully he doesn’t read this…



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