Snow Days

Snow days are awesome. Normally. But when you can’t come in to your new job on your second day of work because of the an inch of snow, it’s not so fun. Apparently, when people hear the words “an inch of snow” they just laugh and brush it off. But they forget that when the snow arrives and people start driving in the roads, it makes everything freeze over. And then if the snow plows don’t come in at clear things out because it’s “just an inch of snow”, this turns our highways into a ice rink. When my brother and I saw the black ice covering the road on the highway and the four different accidents on our way there, we made the unanimous decision to turn around and go home. It takes about 3- 5 minutes to get from our house to the highway. This morning, it took us two and half to get back. In those two and a half hours I tried to think of what I was going to tell my boss. You see, at the moment I live pretty far away from my work place, about an hour and half drive away. So the conditions close to me weren’t necessarily the same conditions near my work. So when I go into tomorrow should I mention the icy roads? The accidents? The traffic? Nothing seemed drastic enough.

Around the second hour, I started to get cabin fever and my couldn’t think anymore. But how was I going to explain how extreme our situation was? Then all of the sudden the guy in front of us jumps out of his car. Was he trying to take a picture of all the traffic to put on Instagram? The man started to walk around the traffic. Was he abandoning his car and walking home? He starts running now. Did his legs cramp up maybe? He changes direction and starts running into the woods. I literally don’t know what was going through his head, until I see him stop and quickly pulls his pants down. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, he was peeing. I immediately avert my eyes but it was already burned into my brain. Every time I tried to think of something else, it all just kept coming back to the fact that the stranger in front of me was in traffic so long, he actually left his vehicle in the middle of traffic to go relieve himself outside in the freezing cold snow. Oh wait. I finally figured out what I could tell my boss.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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