Going Against Your Gut

“Go with your gut”. “Listen to your heart”. “You do you Boo-Boo”. There are many ways to say it but if you ask any important person or inspiration speaker they would say the same thing, to go with your instincts. Well, I am here to tell you NOT to do so. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration. I’m not saying to completely ignore your brain, just to not let every feeling or sign from above dictate your life. I learned a lot during my time at college but this was one of the biggest lessons I learned. Here is an example.

So I am a very clumsy person. Some much so that I try to avoid certain things, like big sets of stairs, carrying heavy glasses, house with very small dogs that I could potentially step on and most of all, wearing white. I NEVER wear white. I cannot emphasize that enough. It is basically a blank canvas for accidents. This particular day, I was looking through my wardrobe and this white T-Shirt just looks very appealing. I own exactly one white T-Shirt and I never wear it but this day, I has a “gut instinct” to wear this shirt and go for the comfy casual basic white and jeans look. So I put it on. The weather today was stunning, the sun was shining with a nice breeze so it was a perfect day to eat lunch outside. I was meeting a large group of peers for a little picnic in the grass and there were sandwiches and soda pops for all. I almost got a Sprite but once again, my “gut instinct” told me to get a Coca Cola. It seemed like a good choice and about 6 or 7 others had Coca colas so what could go wrong.

However, I opened my fizzy brown drink it exploded. All. Over. My. White. Shirt. Out of the 10 sodas, I picked up the only one that was shaken up. So, being the scientific analyzer I am, I reached this conclusion: “Never trust your instincts”. To solidify this, right afterwards I had to run to class and this is what happened. Classmate 1: (looking at shirt) “Well looks like someone had an accident.” Classmate 2: (turning to see what’s wrong) “Oh my gosh what happened?! Your hair is a mess!… Oh and you got a little something on your shirt.”


Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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