Blessings in Disguise

Blessings don’t happen very often but when they do, I find that they are typically wearing a costume. For example, this confused little character was once taking a train to visit her old university during homecoming weekend. As one would expect, this particular train was basically full. Right to the brim. I would say the 90% of the train was getting off my university’s stop and out of that 90%, 80% were from my school and 20% were from the opposing school we were playing in football that weekend. So let me paint you a picture. I get on the train, there are basically no seats left at all. Wait, there was one. I approached it and it smelled like beer and frat boys. Except I didn’t see a bunch 18-20 year old boys. I was a group of 35-40 year old men. As I frantically looked for another seat, I hear in a slurred voice “You can sit riiiiight here, sweetie!” I reluctantly sat down and was forced to engage in conversation. I discovered three things: 1) These boys were all alumni of the opposing school 2) They wanted to take pictures of me 3) one of them had a daughter looking at colleges and he wanted my opinion about my university.

Needless to say, I put my headphones in and all I wanted to do was zone out for the next 2 and a half hours. While I had my headphones in, I could see them texting about me. Then I saw them stalking other women on Facebook and LinkedIn and showing profile picture to each other and proceeding to high five. I will use this opportunity to give some serious advice. If something like this ever happens to you (male or female), you DO NOT have to put up with it. I was about to asked someone to switch with me when a miracle happened. Something that saved my train ride. The lady behind me threw up.

Projectile vomiting all over the walkway in between the seats. Yes it was gross. Yes there was screaming. And Yes, a little bit did get on my jacket. But guess what, those guys ran for it in the form of a mass migration to at least two cars forward. I move a few seats up, the vomit came right off my jacket, the conductor cleaned up the mess within minutes and spread coffee grounds everywhere so everything was fine. I had a peaceful rest of my journey with a smile on my face and the stain from someone else insides on my jacket sleeve. I honestly could not have been happier.

So yes, if I were having a quiet isolated pleasant train ride, I am sure that a women getting super sick behind me would have completely destroyed my ride and I would be writing a very different blog post right now about how people are disgusting and to never get on public transportation. But that’s not what happened. What happened was the this woman saved me from having to embarrassingly ask to switch seats and regardless of me stand up for myself, I was bound to have to had to deal with cat calls and complaints the rest of the way up. So thank you lady who is very prone to motion sickness. I tip my hat to you and if I ever see you again on the train and you are being harassed by unwanted company, I will gladly vomit for you.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,




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