Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim, Sink or Swim, Sink or Swim. The mantra of learning new things in life. I guess this phrase came from the concept of learning how to swim in the first place but I find this pretty funny though because the thought of tossing a kid in the deep end of a pool and hoping they come back up seems to be a big DON’T on that “Do’s and Don’ts” list that you get when you become a parent. But hey, they say it works. My dad said that I survived the toss and I even ended up on a swim team in high school. I wasn’t very good (I was literally the slowest swimmer in a team of about 150) but that’s besides the point.

But back to the main idea, Sink or Swim. In this growing up journey that I have been taking you all on with me, this little motto has recently come back into my life. Part of growing up means that after the fun and games of school, you need to find work. The job market is pretty rough in the fist place and don’t get me started on the application process but once you jump that enormous hurdle, things should get better. Key word: SHOULD. You know that phrase, what goes down must come back up? Well, what they neglect to mention sometimes is that how far down you can actually go. Think about our sink or swim analogy. I mean, some swimming pools can go down over 12 ft, which is about 2 pro basketball players, and our leading scientists don’t even know how deep the ocean really is. That is definitely a very long way to go down in the sea of problems.

But the main purpose of this article is not to be depressing! I know that it seems like that’s where this is going but I assure you otherwise. Back to Sink or Swim: did you know that baby ducks, when the leave their hollow tree nest for the first time, they jump out, float in the air, land in the water below with a little splash and the SWIM away with their mothers. That what came to my mind when I started my new job and after only a week or the two week training procedure, both of my co-workers called in sick. I was suddenly by myself, handling the station on my own, doing things I wasn’t suppose to be able to do for a few more days. When I came in that day, not going to lie, when my boss turned around I may or may not have silent screamed. What?! How was I supposed to be able to this? But then I thought of the baby ducks. The cute little baby ducks who jump out of their little holes only a few weeks old and can swim around. Baby ducks, who can get blown away by strong winds. Baby ducks, who run by literally shifting their body from side to side. Baby ducks who have been known to fall into draining grates. Baby ducks. Suddenly, I knew that I could do this. I felt that anyone in the world could do anything ever possible. Yes. So not matter how much I might have struggled that day, how far down I might have felt over a failure, everything would be okay. So Sink or Swim? Not problem, just think like a baby duck, and swim like you were born to.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,