The Deconstructed Peanut Butter Cup

One of the greatest combinations in the history of candy is chocolate and peanut butter. In my experience most people will say that their favorite candy is Reese’s and there are even people who actually wait for specific holiday edition Reese’s to come every year. I know people who wait for the Easter Egg Reese’s to come around every year in a fashion that reminds you of a religious group waiting for their messiah, because they are THAT much better than the original. But here is the deal. I love peanut butter. I love chocolate. I would kill for snacks that have peanut butter and chocolate together. I do NOT like Reese’s.

Now before you get on my case, let me explain. To me, the cup is too disproportionate. The first bite is too much chocolate and then they second bite is too much peanut butter. Now I have tried to shove the entire thing in my mouth because A) it seems like that would solve my issue, and B) that is apparently the “correct” way of eating them. Have you ever tried to put an entire Reese’s cup in your mouth? It’s not the best feeling in the world.

So a few years ago, when I looked at my almost empty kitchen shelf for a snack, I did something that completely changed my life. I created what I like to call the “deconstructed peanut butter cup” and it revolutionized snacking for me. If you feel the same way about Reese’s Cups as I do but still long for a chocolate-peanut butter fix, stay tuned. For this snack all you need is a jar of peanut butter, a bag of mini chocolate chips (the mini ones work the best but regular ones will be sufficient) and a spoon. What you do is you take your spoon (or finger if you have no clean spoons/none of your roommates are home), and scoop out a generous portion of peanut butter. Then you get your bag and you dip the spoon sticky side down into the bag of chocolate chips. When you pull the spoon back out, the peanut butter should have a nice coat of chips covering the top layer and you can proportion this however you would like. And there you have it. Wonderful, sweet, perfection.


And there are definitely some people out there who think this is gross and very unappetizing but everyone has heard the phrase “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”, right? Well, everyone likes their lemonade differently. Some like it sweeter, some like is more sour. Some prefer fresh squeeze and some prefer powder. Some like actual lemon slices floating in their drinks and others think the lemonade is disgusting and would rather have orange juice. So in conclusion: what I have learned from this whole experience is that when life gives you chocolate and peanut butter………………………………. you do whatever the hell you want with them and long as it make you happy.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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