My Baking Addition

A little more than a year ago I tried baking my first cake from scratch. Well, I guess a few years before that, I helped a friend make chocolate chip cookies from scratch at one point… but I digress. The point is, that once you go scratch, you never go back. There is something oddly satisfying about making something completely by myself. I mean I’m not growing the wheat and grinding it myself, and I’m not milking the cow and I’m not churning the butter and I’m definitely not laying the eggs (or at least any I can use) but I still had to crack the eggs and melt the butter and buy the sugar and flour (with money).

Whenever there was a birthday or a holiday (any holiday, I think I once backed a cake for Labor Day) or sometimes when I just wanted cake, I used to buy good old Betty Crocker mix and let it do its thing. But then one day I said “Wait”. I wish I could tell some amazing story of how I saw an inspiring cooking show, or how I found an old mythical magical baking book and had to go on an adventure in order to find a substitute for unicorn hair (it’s coconut oil if anyone was wondering) but alas, I do not have such a tale. I cannot even remember what made me bake that cake in the first place. I just did it. And I was never more proud of myself. That sounds kind of obnoxious but this is coming from someone who burned off half of her eyebrows one time trying to make stovetop ramen. This soon became my stress outlet. Yes, I became a stress baker which was a surprising nice kink to have during my final examinations.

I should make it clear though that not everything I baked turned out amazing. There were definitely some major screw ups that have almost destroyed friendships. These was one time I tried to bake with some new found friends as a bonding activity and either the milk or the eggs had gone bad because those cupcakes were so gross. Thank goodness this also coincided with “wine night” and someone was already drunk before the cupcakes were even in the oven. She ate maybe 4 or 5 of those cupcakes that tasted like gasoline claiming they were absolutely delicious. Hey, I mean I still call it a victory. The point is, if you need a new hobby to try out or a want to give yourself a new skill to brag about or you just want cake, I suggest baking from scratch. And if your first creation does not go that well, just remember it’s okay. You can also drink a few glasses of wine and taste it again. It might not have been as bad as you thought it was.

Putting the Fuse in Confused,



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